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Exclusive Services

Looking to give your car a fresh new look?

Our team of experts can help! 

We offer a wide range of services to enhance your vehicles appearance, from custom detailing to paint protection.  

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your vehicle's appearance and enjoy the benefits of our exceptional services. Contact us today to discuss your desired package and schedule an appointment! 


The "BASICS"- $225.00

For a comprehensive yet affordable option, our basic detail provides the following a la carte options:

  • Basic exterior only cleaning starting at: ($100.00)

  • Basic interior only cleaning starting at: ($125.00)

The "ECONOMY" - $265.00

Experience the next level of vehicle int/ext rejuvenation with our Signature Package, which includes:

  • Full interior vacuuming

  • Impeccable top to bottom interior cleaning

  • Thorough wipe down of all surfaces

  • Carpets & Cloths Shampooed 

  • Crystal-clear windows inside and out!

  • Exterior "FOAM BATH"

  • Rims & Tires immaculate

  • 3 month Spray-on Wax applied 

The "FIRST CLASS" Package - $349.99

Indulge in the pinnacle of automotive pampering with our Platinum Package, encompassing:

  • Complete ECONOMY Detail package for an immaculate look and feel

  • Expert full exterior clay treatment

  • Specialized paint decontamination for a flawless finish

  • Application of a 6 month ceramic spray sealant

  • Meticulous engine bay detailing & Steam cleaned 

  • Premium leather conditioner for a rejuvenated interior

  • Plastics protected and rivived 

  • Revitalizing interior spray shampoo

  • Protective exterior spray wax

  • Unveil a showroom-ready vehicle with our final showroom shine finish

  • Full Steam Clean interior 


A la Carte Service can be added to any package even after booking is scheduled! 

  • Engine Bay Detail ($25.00)

  • Headlight Restoration ($40.00)

  • Interior Oder Neutralizer ($30.00)

  • Smoker Treatment ($40.00)

  • Sap & Tar Removal ($65.00)

  • Plastic Trim Restoration ($25.00)

  • Pet Hair Removal ($45.00)

  • Light Scratch Removal ($65.00)

  • Seat / Carpet Extraction ($45.00)

Additional Information

  • Prices may vary based on the condition of your vehicle. In the case of large SUVs (3 rows) or trucks, a $45 surcharge will apply. We kindly request a notice of cancellation at least 24 hours prior to your appointment to avoid a $75 cancellation fee. Rest assured, there are no hidden costs, and the final price will be based on the quote provided.


Weekly / Bi-Weekly / Monthly Maintenance plans available upon request! 

  • Contact our team today to discuss plans and rates! 

  • Bulk Pricing available!

What we'll need! 

In order to provide our services efficiently, we rely on three essential components:



Good Weather

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